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LYC acquired many achievements in scientific creation during Year 2003
Press release (12-20--2003)

During 2003, LYC Bearing Corp. focused on investment of scientific research, continued to improve level of technology creation. All of these enabled many products of high-tech contenthigh attached value and great potentiality in industry emerged, which obtained many awards. Among these,
series of bearings used in key water control project of Xiaolangdi reservoir and processing craft of matching bearing for Base motor were awarded 2nd prize of China Machinery Industry Prize. The bearing used in shaft of medical appliance and semi-automotive railway bearing are awarded 3rd prize of China Machinery Industry Prize. The super-large double rows tapered roller bearing , super-large stainless steel rotary table bearing, semi-automotive improve-speed railway bearing are awarded 1st prize of Henan Machinery Industry Prize.
Besides, in 2003, L
YC gained 26 monopolies.

From  CBEC press release 12-19-03



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